Board of Directors

Board of Directors (Owners)

      Mr. Abdullah Al-Saeed (Chairman).

      Dr. Mohammed Al-Sharhan (Vice Chairman)

Executive Management:

      Mr. Abdullah Al-Saeed (Chairman).

      Dr. Mohammad Al-Sharhan (Vice Chairman)

      Dr. Khalid Al-Azemi (General Manager)

      Mr. Raed Abo Zoor (Finance Manager)

      Dr. Mamdouh Morsi (Director of Medical Department)

      Mr. Mohammed Al-Husseini (Director of Technical Support and Information Technology)

      Mr. Samir Osman (Director of the Insulation Section)

      Mr. Magdy Abdel Ghani (Director of Operations, Food and Beverage)

      Mr. Imarn Hefei Kittana (Sales Manager).

      Mr. Mohammad Fayyad (Executive Secretary).